Security Monitoring as-a-Service

The platform scans all your externally facing assets
using industry's most trusted security scanners,
and then we manually prioritize findings
Amazing results for amazing clients:

15x more efficient than any scanner

ScanFactory detects vulnerabilities that are missed by traditional scanners and by people.

Real-time notifications

The platform provides real-time vulnerability notifications and reports.

No management required

Outsource external scanning job to us, and we'll monitor everything as-a-service.

Platform covers all external risks

15 best security scanners are chained in the special order
to achieve deepest analysis technically possible.

Up-To-Date Inventory of Infrastructure

Platform provides deep real-time visibility of all Internet-exposed assets.

Full version of the scanner is used by

It's very easy to use. To start scanning, just enter the domain name. The system will collect all the necessary information on its own.
The main advantage of ScanFactory is using multiple scanners (15 to the date), as this allows a more complete scan with the maximum number of available signatures!
False positives are manually removed by ScanFactory engineers, so we receive only with verified bugs.
Quick Scan. Free forever.

Detect most critical security issues in your company in 15 minutes

This service scores your company with 3 top-rated open-source security scanners and emails the automatic report to you.